If You Drop Your iPhone in the Toilet!


If you drop your iPhone in the toilet……Call Apple Immediately they will replace your phone immediately for $200-$230 as an out of warranty repair. Better yet take it immediately to an Apple store and you might get it replaced for free! Yes, Free!

Be aware that their are scams on e-Bay that promise to repair iPhones for very little money. DO NOT TRUST THEM! Many of them are scams!

A friend dropped their iPhone in the toilet….some of us had had experiences with ebay iphone repair people….and the ebay option was the one chosen. This friend then mailed her wet iPhone off to some character in Florida…who said he fixed it and would not send her phone back until he was paid $190 for the repair.

She thought it was fixed and so she sent him the money, wisely using Paypal with a credit card to give her double financial protection 1.) from Paypal and 2.) from her credit card company both of which have dispute resolution processes.

She got the phone back and it was dead…..error code 23…according to Apple a fatal error, not repairable. So she then called Apple on the phone greatly frustrated and learned that she should have sent it to them immediately for $200 she would have a new phone.

This does not apply to loosing your iPhone….which is different….in that case you may have to buy a new phone at full, not subsidized pricing.

Then she went to the Apple store to hand over her phone and get her 200 replacement. She showed them the phone, and told her whole sad story…they took pity on her and gave a new phone fresh out of the box for free….yes, she dropped it in the toilet and in the end got a FREE replacement!!!

Apple employees are apparently empowered to satisfy customers….and they will do there best….trust them!