I decided to learn Git and to join GitHub about 2 years ago. Git is distributed version control software.

Wow, that sounds soo cool…but what does Git do? Git allows a developer of code like myself to place a project’s code base under software version control which does a few neat things. It allows me to create repositories of code and track the changes I make to that code. I can develop locally on my iMac and push my changes up to GitHub and provide a way to share code with other developers.

Why is this helpful? I’ve recently been refining starter sites for various project types. And have started working with other developers on projects. We needed an easy industry standard way to share code. I needed to learn how to use version control specifically Git because it’s very widely used. No more guessing about what I changed last Tuesday on Project X. I can go look in the “REPO”, short for repository, and see exactly what code changes I’ve “Committed” to the code base, exactly what date and time I did it and get a detailed view of the files and folders that I’ve changed, including the exact line by line code changes.

Is there anything else cool? Yeah, I store anything I build that I think might be helpful to others in public REPOs so if one chooses, they are welcome to fork my repository to their account, download a zipped up copy of the code or Clone that entire code structure into the folder of their choice on their own computer. Code sharing on steroids…..

(Click the links below to view the repositories)

Repos I’ve Created:

  • boot-static-4 – a basic Bootstrap 4 Alpha 2 static starter site
  • boot-static – a basic Bootstrap 3 static starter site
  • boot-wp – a basic Bootstrap 3 + WordPress starter site, now w/ a second theme that includes Bootstrap 4 Alpha 2
  • boot-wp-onepage – a basic Bootstrap LESS + WordPress starter site with a one page theme

I encourage all that are new to version control systems to take a look at Git and GitHub…it opens up a whole world of possibilities to you!


And there came upon the land a great and deadly beast with supernatural powers…hail god Javascript!

REACT is pretty Cool!

Meteor is Fast to develop in….pairs with REACT acceptably too!

Sails has some Strong points!

WordPress has gotten into this.