How We’ll Work Together

Design & Development Process (for New Websites)

Research and Information Gathering — A successful website is built through a series of steps that involve both designer and client. The first step is getting to know each other so I can better understand your business, your customers, and your goals for the website. We’ll spend some time researching your industry and probably asking you a bunch of questions.

Information Architecture — Once we’ve gathered the information, we begin developing the organization of your content. We’ll help you determine what needs to be on the site and determine how to best organize and present that information. During this time we’ll sketch out possible solutions for structure and layout.

Style and Aesthetics — Based on our conversations we’ll generate ideas for how your site will look. We’ll consider typeface(s) and color schemes. At the end of this phase we’ll show you several designs for the major sections of your site for review. All the while you’ll be offering feedback and through our collaboration we’ll fine tune the design of your site.

Prototype — An image can only tell you so much about how a web page will work and react to user interaction. As soon as possible we’ll build several representation pages of the site based on the design images I’ve sent. With further feedback we’ll continue to adjust and fine tune the design.

Develop a live site — Once we’re happy with the prototype pages we begin to build the real site. We choose a CMS. We’ve found WordPress to be capable of powering most any site as well as being easy for you to use. We’ll develop the theme that will become your site and then build out the sites structure, components and features. Then we prepare for and launch your site either as one element or as part of a campaign over multiple channels.

Additional Services We Can Provide (beyond New Websites)

Existing Website Changes – Many clients have existing websites that need occasional updates and changes. We are happy to help you with changes to your existing website. Let’s talk and work out the scope of your needs.

Search Marketing – Search Engine Optimization, the dynamic art of mastering keyword use, page structure, link quality, brand authority and mapping that to the keywords customers use to find you through search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo then we use the analytics components of these search systems to monitor and assess the results and make improvements to maximize results.

Email Marketing – creating & executing campaigns that use mass emailing to inform and communicate with your customers.

Social Media Marketing – The use of social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to promote your product or service. We can tailor make campaigns designed to deliver results. Then we measure the effectiveness of campaigns through social media analytics tools to ensure success.

Content Audits – A content audit is the cornerstone of content strategy, which governs content marketing. The aim is to perform a qualitative analysis of all the content on a website (or in some cases, a network of sites and/or social media presences).

Site Management and Consulting

  • Is my site’s software being updated?
  • Are my plugins being updated?
  • Is my site being backed up?
  • Can I call BTC to make a minor change to my site?
  • Is my site secure from hackers?

The Answer: Yes, to all of the above, if you have a Website Care Plan

A website is never truly finished. Successful sites are those that continue to improve. Adding new content and interactions with your audience. We take advantage of new technologies when appropriate. A successful website is one that lives and breathes. It grows with your business.

We have Website Care Plans at varying levels to meet these needs.


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